Uniarch Clinical Engineering commits to delivering its services using the latest technology, prioritizing quality service through swift and effective professional and technical applications.

In this context, our goals are as follows:
  • To accurately understand customer requests in the projects we undertake,
  • To guide their requests correctly and adhere to these requests to the maximum extent,
  • To be reliable and ensure unconditional customer satisfaction within an approach that fully meets the needs and expectations of the customer in all processes,
  • To work within a team spirit, based on the philosophy of Total Quality, to achieve company and unit goals, always being open to development and innovation,
  • To ensure the health and safety of our employees, securing their present and future, increasing their commitment and satisfaction by organizing continuous activities to enhance education and individual development, managing processes by obtaining their opinions and suggestions, and maintaining team spirit through information sharing and responsibility in line with transparent management principles,
  • To provide necessary conditions, comply with relevant legal requirements to minimize environmental impacts and accident risks, make efficient use of all our resources, and ensure the effectiveness and continuous improvement of management systems, with a focus on environmental, occupational health, and safety,
  • To instill a sense of quality in all employees,
  • To be aware of responsibilities towards the community and the environment, setting an example as a responsible organization, and continually expanding our business volume to contribute to the national economy.